About Us

Our Story…

Paul Gjergji founded Home X Construction LLC in 2005 with a set of core values that we stand by. Among these are fine craftsmanship, a professional team, and unrivaled quality. These values are what drives Paul and his team towards business success and customer loyalty.

Today, Paul and his team, strive to be role models to the home remodeling industry and a trusted resource for all Jacksonville and North-East Florida residents.

How We’re Different…

We are a full-service Jacksonville home renovation firm, unique in our ability to do it all under one roof. Our design specialists all work in-house to bring a holistic approach to the design-build process.

We deliver unbeatable, high-end quality work from idea to finished product and every step in between.

We have gained a reputation in Jacksonville for providing home remodeling services to a wide range of clients and their needs. We always take the time to sit down with each-and-every homeowner to discuss his or her visions, budgets and preferences.

Designed with your ideas and our input cultivated from years of experience, our creative and skilled workers can then begin to turn your dream project into a reality.


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