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Renovating your bathroom on a budget.

Sep 25, 2015  |  By: Paul Gjergji

We all know that renovating your bathroom can be expensive. With the high cost of bathroom essentials (i.e. toilets, sink, bathtub) doing so can seem out of the budget. However, There are a few simple things you can do in a very short period of time to transform your bathroom.

The first thing we need to do is remove everything out of the room. This makes it easier to clean the room from top to bottom. Rolling out a fresh coat of paint can give your room a whole new look. Now because of the size of most bathrooms, use a light color. Dark colors make rooms seem smaller and less inviting.

Now that you have chosen your color, make sure to tape everything off and cover it up. This is going to save you time on touch ups and clean ups. So remember Tape off and cover everything.

Next stage, Your vanity! Or as some may refer to it, your sink and cabinets. This little bathroom essential can get quite expensive. Now rather than buy a new one simply try and refurbish your existing one. You can try painting it a new color or add tiles as the counter top. Also changing something a small as a light fixture can have a huge impacted as well. This is one cost efficient way to change your room’s overall appearance.

Now you are probably curious as to what else can you do. Tiles! Yes, that’s right, update your floor. You can usually check your local Home Depot for deals on the tile.

Now last but not least. Touch up your bathroom with storage and accessories. Storage is always a hassle in any room. Try taking some time to visit your local container store for some unique storage solutions. Now for your accessories, simple accents like a new shower curtain or photo’s can be all you need. You can also try your local home goods store for ideas on the clearance shelf.