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Picking out counter tops for your home

Oct 21, 2015  |  By: Paul Gjergji

Let’s talk about that outdated kitchen. Let’s face it, in this fast paced modern world, family life revolves around the kitchen. We use our kitchens to bring families closer together, as an entertainment area when guest come over, and casually throughout the day. If your kitchen has seen better days let’s talk about updating it and picking out counter tops that are not only beautiful, but also functional for your everyday lifestyle!

There are several different types of counter tops such as wood (butcher-block counter tops and reclaimed wood counter tops), vinyl counter tops, marble counter tops, granite counter tops, stainless-steel counter tops, resin and porcelain counter tops. With all the modern styles available how do you pick the one that fits your budget and your life style? And what are the benefits of the various types of counter tops?

Our staff at HomeX Construction would be happy to do an in home consultation with you to determine the best counter tops for your home remodeling project. We’ll go over choosing color, material, and even back-splashes. Our home remodeling experts will be happy to discuss any concerns you have for budget and timeline as well as discuss the various benefits to each material. Call us now for a free consultation!